Mandarin Chinese

Suitable for learners of all levels of Chinese proficiency. Here you can learn oral, conversation, pinyin, vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar and other courses to steadily improve your Chinese and easily cope with various social situations. You can make an appointment for a Chinese proficiency check class, and our teacher will help customize a study plan and choose the right course most suitable for you.

Chinese pronunciation

Pinyin is the first step to learning Chinese. Familiarize yourself with pinyin and learn the correct pronunciation methods which will lay a good foundation for you to continue learning Chinese.

Oral Chinese

You can start this class as soon as you’ve learned the fundamentals of pinyin. After you’ve passed three ranks, you may use what you’ve learned so far to participate in everyday casual conversations. You will learn to answer and discuss commonly asked questions about your school, work or everyday life.

Everyday Practice

This course is suitable for learners who have a foundation in oral Chinese and want to maintain or improve their speaking level through chat interaction. The class format is a free conversation, but we also provide optional topics for learners' reference. If you want to study systematically, please choose the corresponding "Oral chinese" series.


This course provides intermediate Chinese learners with a window into contemporary China. The latest Chinese economy, society, folklore, culture and other hot news are selected to help you understand the real contemporary China, experience people and things closely related to Chinese life, and learn the trend of new popular Chinese words.

Chinese proverbs - Using Chinese idioms to express

Tired of overly simple expressions? Want to make your Chinese expression more interesting? Want to sound more like a Chinese master? This will teach you Chinese idioms and proverbs.

CNY 2100

Chinese grammar

This course is a Chinese grammar class, which contains important grammar syntax that Chinese learners need to master. This tutorial can help you consolidate basic grammatical knowledge, correct error-prone sentences, strengthen your memory and extend ways of expressing yourself.

Comprehensive Chinese Custom Course【This course can only be purchased by designated customers, please consult before buying】

【This course can only be purchased by designated customers, please consult before buying】Learners who choose a customized comprehensive Chinese course can choose any course in the comprehensive Chinese series and discuss the specific study plan with the teacher. In addition, if you have your own study materials you may select your own courses.