Business Chinese

The Chinese economy plays an increasingly important role in the world economy, learning to speak Chinese has become the choice of more and more businessmen. LingoChinese has business Chinese courses suitable for beginners that allows you to learn from scratch. In addition, we also have daily small business conversations that can simulate as an actual business scenario in China. Of course, if you have your favorite business learning textbooks, or business Chinese materials feel free to use them and discuss with your teacher about which plan suits you the best.

【Pre-Sale】Focus China-Chinese Companiese

How did Alibaba beat eBay?How difficult was it for Alipay to go public?
What kind of person is Ren Zhengfei? Why is it said that Huawei has rescued China's Internet?
Why was Jack Ma rejected by 37 venture capital companies?How did MSN leave the mainland Chinese market?
How did Tencent with its 100 million users, go bankrupt? Why was it violently condemned by the internet?
What made an investment manager with an annual salary of 700,000 US dollars switch to Ali Alibaba and only get a monthly salary of 500 yuan?
"A Look into China: Chinese Enterprises" Gives you a glimpse into China's enterprises and their growth stories.
The first part has ten lessons from 5 large companies, including Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, Gree and Greatview. A total of 10 lessons are required to complete this study.

Business Conversations

This series of courses takes an approach to classic business scenarios as a theme with a focus on conversation practice, important grammar mistakes and let you speak easily without stress.

Workplace Communication - Workplace Oral And Email Writing Guidance

This course is aimed at actual situations encountered at work, such as speaking in Chinese or replying to emails, etc. The teacher will help with problems you may run into when speaking and responding to emails in Chinese.

CNY 2000

Business Companion

This course is suitable for learners who have some working experience and spoken Chinese foundation. You can talk about anything related to work in the classroom. The teacher will correct you and supplement knowledge in time so that you can face your office life confidently and calmly, adapting to the business Chinese environment quickly. The class format is a free conversation, but we also provide optional topics for learners' reference. If you want to learn systematically, please purchase the corresponding "Business conversations" series.

Comprehensive Chinese Custom Course【This course can only be purchased by designated customers, please consult before buying】

【This course can only be purchased by designated customers, please consult before buying】Learners who choose a Comprehensive Chinese Custom Course can choose any course in the LingoChinese and discuss the specific study plan with the teacher. In addition, if you have your own study materials you may select your own courses.

V.V.I.P Service Custom Course

Are you worried about a lack of supervision when learning Chinese? Do you need more help and advice? Looking for a short online Chinese course and want quick improvements? LingoChinese introduces a new era of learning Chinese! This customized course provides you with 360° coverage along with guidance. This course will not only provide you with pre-class preparation materials and after-class exercises, but also with a personal assistant who will notify you in real time and develop a periodic study plan and study report for you. This will ensure your Chinese proficiency efficiently.