Group Courses

● Classic lessons and great teachers
● Well designed study plans help you achieve your learning goals effectively.
● Students can study together with other students from different countries or regions who are at the similar level, supervise each other and enjoy a good learning atmosphere.
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Elementary Chinese Multi-person Online Chinese Comprehensive Improvement Course

Still worrying about not knowing where to start learning Chinese? Can't improve Chinese because of poor foundation? This course provides you with all the knowledge of Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar and cultural points you need in the initial stage of Chinese learning, lays a solid Chinese foundation, and guides you to systematically understand the language logic of Chinese. It can quickly learn from outsiders in 41 hours. Become a Chinese expert.

HSK Level 1 (Chinese for Beginners) - Class HSK1003(Tuesday)

The Best Choice for Learning Chinese from A Beginner to A Master

CNY 49 CNY 499

10 Must know Chinese sentences - HY002 Class (Saturday)

This course has compiled 10 frequently used sentences in China. These sentences are commonly used in supermarkets, restaurants and even streets and alleys throughout China. These 10 sentences are said three times a day and will enable you to easily cope with basic life scenarios such as dining, shopping, and hailing taxis in China. This course will allow you to become an expert in Chinese daily life.

CNY 1 CNY 200

The first Chinese pronunciation lesson for Japanese learners - HY001 Class (Friday)

Every Japanese person can speak standard Chinese

CNY 1 CNY 200

Chinese people and the psychology behind colors - C003 Class (Sunday)

Insight into the happiness, anger, sorrow and happiness of Chinese people in the kaleidoscope of colors

CNY 129 CNY 199

Cultural understanding - C002 Class (Friday)

Preparatory course before coming to China

CNY 69 CNY 99

Business Chinese without precondition - B001 Class (Tuesday Thursday)

By learning business Chinese, your cooperation with the Chinese will get twice the result with half the effort. Come and learn the easiest and most practical business Chinese course with a professional Chinese teacher.

CNY 499 CNY 700

Chinese gift-giving etiquette - C001 Class (Sunday)

Essential courses for social interaction in China

CNY 129 CNY 199

HSK 4 Course - HSK4001 Class (Tuesday Thursday)

60 lesson HSK 4 challenge. Chinese teachers will teach you authentic Chinese. This is a necessary course for studying, working and living in China

CNY 4200 CNY 8400

HSK 2 Course - HSK2001 Class (Tuesday, Thursday)

Professional Chinese teachers will teach you Chinese in 10 weeks with highly effective classes. This will allow you to communicate with Chinese people more smoothly.

CNY 69 CNY 1260