Chinese People And the Psychology Behind Colors

Insight into the happiness, anger and sorrow of Chinese people through a kaleidoscope of colors

Chinese People And the Psychology Behind Colors
Course Information


• Will go through and explain every example one by one in order for students to see the bigger picture

• The content is practical, elegant and popular

• Easy to understand and intriguing

• Small class size so that the lesson is more focused on you

• Only $18 for a total of 2 classes with a total of 100 minutes of live lessons

• After the live broadcast course is over, the course can be played back and repeated

What you will learn

• The reason why red is a symbol of China

• The meaning of yellow in Chinese culture

• The new meaning when red and yellow are combined

• The contradictory meanings of white and black in different scenarios

• The complex meaning of green in different things

• The royal symbol behind purple"


• Learners who want to understand the cultural significance of Chinese colors

• Learners who need to design products and decorate venues for Chinese people

• Learners who need to select gifts for Chinese people


• Do you wonder why Chinese people use red for happy events? Why do Chinese people at funerals wear black and white clothes, but the bride and groom at weddings also wear black and white? Why would Chinese people get upset over a lucky green hat as a gift? The interpretation of colors in Chinese culture is quite different from that of other countries. Chinese people's emphasis on colors exists in every aspect of life from matching clothes to choosing accessories and gifts. This course will help you understand China's rich and colorful color culture, so that you can grasp the Chinese people's psychology more comprehensively and specifically avoid the embarrassment when socializing with Chinese people.


• Equivalent to the HSK 4 or above

Class information

To be started C003 class

It is estimated that full 50 people will start classes, and the remaining places:5
Lesson Schedule Based on your time zone: UTC+8
  • 1 ① Why is red the most important color in China ② Yellow is the color of celebration and wealth ③ The negative meaning behind red and yellow
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 2 ① The polarizing meaning that white and black has ② Is green good or bad? ③ The color purple and how it represents the imperial spirit
    Class Time: To be determined