Beginner Business Chinese

By learning business Chinese, your cooperation with Chinese people will get you twice the result with half the effort. Come and learn the easiest and most practical business Chinese course with a professional Chinese teacher.

Beginner Business Chinese
Course Information


• Taught by real professional Chinese teacher, impove your Chinese quckily

• Learners without a Chinese language foundation can understand the lecture

• Help learners learn Chinese naturally and habitually in simulated business scenarios

• The lessons are short, and each class will have a new business Chinese communication scenario, allowing for independent learning

• Small class size so that the lesson is more focused on you

• Less than US$0.2 for a total of 1 live class that's 50 minutes long

• After the live broadcast is over, the course can be played back and repeated

What you will learn

√ Go from a layman to a professional in business Chinese

√ The ability to communicate with Chinese people in business

√ 30 practical work scenarios and 30 groups of practical business communication dialogues

√ More than 60 business Chinese vocabulary words necessary for business work

√ Necessary etiquette and taboos in business work scenes


• For anyone

• The businnessman who needs to communicate or work with Chinese


"Will you be nervous coming to China for the first time? "Everyone will be a little confused before coming to China, for example, "how should I pay?" "How do I find a restaurant?" "Who should I call for help if I have a problem? "After studying this course, you'll no longer have to worry. This course introduces the essentials to life in China: transportation, communication methods, payment methods, safety and apps commonly used by Chinese people. This will allow you to live, study and work comfortably in most Chinese cities including Shanghai.


• Has the basic understanding of Pinyin


Have you ever encountered these problems?

• You’ve never learned Chinese, but you need to speak Chinese for work

• You want to comprehensively develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, but just can’t find a suitable textbook

• You’ve learned a little Chinese, but your grammar and vocabulary are still not up to par

Reason to learn business Chinese

• It’s a language being spoken by 1.5 billion people

• An essential language of the world’s 2nd largest economy

• Trade with China is becoming more and more important

• Knowing Chinese can double your salary

• Knowing Chinese can make your career go smoother




Class information

To be started B001 Class

It is estimated that full 50 people will start classes, and the remaining places:5
Lesson Schedule Based on your time zone: UTC+8
  • 1 How to greet appropriately
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 2 How to ask for someone's name politely
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 3 Meet colleagues from various countries
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 4 How to welcome guests
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 5 What to say when hosting guests
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 6 Make a simple opening remark before having dinner
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 7 Brief introduction to your business identity
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 8 Honorific words to say at a first meeting
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 9 How to get acquainted with your friends during dinner
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 10 Practical business scenario -- part one(1-9)
    Class Time: To be determined