10 Must Know Chinese Sentences

This course has compiled 10 frequently used sentences in China. These sentences are commonly used in supermarkets, restaurants and even streets and alleys throughout China. These 10 sentences are said atleast three times a day and will enable you to easily cope with basic life scenarios such as dining, shopping, and hailing taxis in China. This course will allow you to become an expert in Chinese daily life.

10 Must Know Chinese Sentences
Course Information


• Only 10 practical sentences, easy to learn

• This course is super interesting and extremely useful

• Sentences and scenarios are closely related to help you remember

• Small class size so that the lesson is more focused on you

• Less than US$5, a total of 1 live class that's 50 minutes long

• After the live broadcast is over, the course can be played back and repeated

What you will learn

√ Express an apology

√ How to pay for the bill

√ How to order food

√ Ways to ask for directions

√ How to ask for a check or inquiry

√ How to describe a route to take when giving directions

√ Expression used when shopping

√ Ask for permission from others

√ How to express a request for an item

√ Express gratitude

√ Express farewell


• Beginner learners who need to come to China to live, travel or work


Although there are only 10 sentences in this course, these 10 sentences have a wide range of application scenarios, allowing you to easily express your needs during dining, shopping, in a taxi and express gratitude and apologies according to the situation, making your life in China more convenient.


• Understanding of basic Pinyin

Class information

To be started HY002 class

It is estimated that full 50 people will start classes, and the remaining places:4
Lesson Schedule Based on your time zone: UTC+8
  • 1 ① Express an apology ② How to pay in China ③ How to order food in China ④ How to ask for directions in China ⑤ How to ask for the price ⑥ How to ask others on what they need to buy ⑦ How Chinese to ask others ⑧ Ask for items in Chinese ⑨ How to express your gratitude ⑩ How to say goodbye in Chinese
    Class Time: To be determined