The First Chinese Pronunciation Lesson For Japanese Learners

Any Japanese person can speak standard Chinese

The First Chinese Pronunciation Lesson For Japanese Learners
Course Information


• Comprehensive analysis of error-prone sounds Japanese native speakers may make

• Correct pronunciation practice

• Covers consonants, vowels and tone correction

• Small class size so that the lesson is more focused on you

• Less than 5 US dollars, a total of 1 live class that's 50 minutes long

• After the live broadcast course is over, the course can be played back and repeated

What you will learn

√ Composition of Chinese Pinyin

√ Single vowel pronunciation in Chinese Pinyin

√ Pronunciation of compound vowels and nasal vowels in Pinyin

√ Pronunciation of consonants and vowels in Chinese Pinyin

√ The four tones and soft tones of Chinese Pinyin


• Chinese beginners

• Learners who want a more standard and natural pronunciation


• Do you speak Chinese with a Japanese accent? Do Chinese people have a hard time understanding you? This course focuses on common pronunciation errors Japanese people make when speaking Chinese. This course will correct common pronunciation errors made by Japanese people and help Japanese learners to speak fluent and standard Chinese.


• No prerequisites

Class information

To be started HY 001 class

It is estimated that full 50 people will start classes, and the remaining places:46
Lesson Schedule Based on your time zone: UTC+8
  • 1 ① Pinyin composition ② Discrimination and analysis initial consonants and the final syllables in Chinese ③ Tone correction ④ Comprehensive analysis on word pronunciation ⑤ More common sayings you may hear
    Class Time: To be determined