Chinese Culture

"How do you prepare before coming to China?" "How do you give gifts in China?" "How to respond to different situations" "What should I pay attention to when eating with Chinese people?" Do you know all of these? These courses will take you through real-life events in detail. You will learn about the cultural psychology behind it and understand the Chinese people's way of thinking and social habits. [This course only supports Skype class]

Settle Down Courses

If you come to China for the first time, either for a short stay or a long stay, it is somewhat unsettling. This lesson will introduce you to some necessary knowledge of life in Shanghai. It includes communication, taxi, shopping, and payment. This course will also explain to you the App functions of which are needed in smart phones. Through this course, you will be able to stay, live, and work in most Chinese cities including Shanghai.

Chinese etiquette

This series of courses will lead you to truly understand the etiquette norms of various occasions in China, understand the cultural significance behind them and help you to interact with Chinese people in a generous manner, so as to be "not rude” or “embarrassing."

Chinese holiday - Chinese people and the Spring Festival

This series of courses introduces traditional Chinese festivals and cultural customs as well as emerging festivals that are currently popular in China. This will help you to understand Chinese festival culture and experience China's colorful folk customs.We look forward in having you join our many Chinese celebrations!.[This course only supports Skype class]

CNY 1000

Chinese psychology

This series of courses introduces things and choices that Chinese people like and dislike, explore the Chinese thinking style and cultural background behind it. This course will help you to overcome cultural barriers.

China Currently - China's War "Epidemic"

This course introduces China's latest social developments as well as Chinese people's daily lives. This will help reflect the current Chinese society's sentiments, and provides you with a new perspective on understanding China.[This course only supports Skype class]

CNY 900