Chinese Culture

Welcome to our Chinese culture classroom. Here, students will learn about the latest events in China, understand the Chinese way of thinking, and social habits. Teachers are available to answer questions such as; "What do I need to prepare before coming to China?" "What kind of gifts are appropriate?" "What are some appropriate conversation topics for different occasions" "What do I need to pay attention to when eating with Chinese people?" Please join us for this exciting experience!

Chinese Table Manners & Drinking Culture - Chinese Table Manners & Drinking Culture

How do Chinese people treat guests? How to arrange business banquet? Why don't guests need to arrive on time? How does the host arrange seats? How to choose dishes? What's so special about drinking? We can find answers to these questions in "Chinese Table Manners & Drinking Culture".

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Chinese & Spring Festivals - Chinese & Spring Festivals

The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese! Why the Spring Festival in China is different from other countries? Why do Chinese people have to go home during the Spring Festival? What does the standard Chinese family's New Year look like? What to eat? What blessings you intend to say to Chinese people for the Spring Festival?

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Color Psychology in China

Different colors have different impressions according to Chinese. Red, yellow, white, black, and green, some of these colors are suitable for gifts, while others are not. On different occasions, people choose decorations and costumes, and they are also strict with colors. If you want to understand the various meanings of color, please come to our "Color Psychology in China" class.


When did COVID-19 happen in China? How did the government deal with it? What happened in the days of Wuhan lock-down the city? How did the ordinary people spend their time at home? What is the assistance from the country and the world? How can China's experience help the world? The sacrificed medical staff and staff in other positions need us to remember deeply. This is a set of touching and interesting courses. You are welcome to participate.

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