China Life Guide

If this is your first time in China, either for a short stay or a long stay, it'll be kind of unsettling. These lesssons will introduce you to some necessary information in Shanghai. These include communication, taxi, shopping, and payment. This course will also explain to you the different phone App functions. Through this course, you learn to be able to stay, live, and work in most Chinese cities including Shanghai.

China Life Guide
Course Information

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• Provide practical life skills and common sense in China

• Be organized clearly and build a memory pyramid

• Efficient and speed-up educational program, ready to learn and use

What you will learn

√ Essential daily life phrases in China

√ Necessary business etiquette in China

√ Procedures and precautions for coming to China during the epidemic

√ Commonly used communication tools in China

√ Common travel methods in China

√ Must-have payment methods in China

√ Safety issues that need attention in China


• Learners who come to China for work, business trips and short-term travel


        Are you planning to come to China for work or business trip, or are you planning to come to China for business or short trips? The theme of this course is: LingoChinese has prepared an encyclopedia for you to guide your life in China!

        This online Chinese course is designed for people who are coming to China to work, to travel, to be on a business trip, and to be engaged in tradings.It provides you with all the basic information you must know about China, and answers the basic procedures and precautions for coming to China during the epidemic. It also provides basic plans for travelling, communication, payment, and safety issues. In order to make your trip in China more convenient, this course also introduces situations like busniess etiquette and matters you need to know. At the same time, we will supplement you with the daily expressions necessary for your work, business trip, tradings and tourism in China. We will escort your work and life throughout your time in China!


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