This course will provide for students taking the HSK 1-6, HSKK intermediate/advanced or TSC courses, including oral, vocabulary, grammar and testing strategies, etc. Classes will follow according to the test syllabus in order to strengthen important test and language subjects. You can make appointments for mock exams and test questions. This course is made for students with test goals who want to do intensive pre-test counseling, they can also choose a package that suits them or discuss their study plan with the teacher.

HSK Standard Course

This course is designed according to the HSK standard published by Hanban. This is a good choice for anyone who want to learn Chinese in a systematic format. The content, vocabulary, grammar and difficulty of the course are matched with the HSK. If you plan to take the HSK test, it is recommended to choose your course set. Textbooks need to be purchased separately.

HSK Cram

This course is aimed at students preparing for the HSK test, and focuses on pre-test planning for different levels of the HSK, including question type analysis, answering skills, test points per section and 3 sets of mock questions. If you are not sure about your level, please make an appointment in advance to determine the appropriate course.

Pre-HSKK Test Counselling

This course provides a focus on guidance and training according to the type of exam question. This will allow leaners to enter an actual exam scenario and can also help learners improve their oral skills through daily learning.

Comprehensive Chinese Custom Course【This course can only be purchased by designated customers, please consult before buying】

【This course can only be purchased by designated customers, please consult before buying】Learners who choose a Comprehensive Chinese Custom Course can choose any course in the LingoChinese and discuss the specific study plan with the teacher. In addition, if you have your own study materials you may select your own courses.

V.V.I.P Service Custom Course

Are you worried about a lack of supervision when learning Chinese? Do you need more help and advice? Looking for a short online Chinese course and want quick improvements? LingoChinese introduces a new era of learning Chinese! This customized course provides you with 360° coverage along with guidance. This course will not only provide you with pre-class preparation materials and after-class exercises, but also with a personal assistant who will notify you in real time and develop a periodic study plan and study report for you. This will ensure your Chinese proficiency efficiently.