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This course introduces China's latest social developments as well as Chinese people's daily lives. This will help reflect current Chinese society's sentiments, and provides you with a new perspective on understanding China and its people.[This course only supports Skype class]

 China Currently
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When did COVID-19 occur in China? How did the government treat it? What happened during the days when Wuhan was under lockdown? How did the people spend their time at home? What aid came from the country and the rest of the world? How did 1.4 billion people fight against the epidemic? How can China’s experience help with the rest of the world? How the sacrifice of medical and nursing staff and others need to be remembered, this will be a sad yet interesting course for those interested. [This course only supports Skype class]

Section Content
Section 1

What is COVID-19

A timeline of the COVID-19 epidemic in China

The initial situation and cause analysis in China

Comparison of COVID-19, SARS and H1N1

How to prevent epidemics

Section 2

China's national management in response to the epidemic (7 major methods)

Closing public places and encouraging work from home and studing at home

Building a shelter hospital

Wuhan city closure

Medical institution's action to support Wuhan

Section 3

The ugly face of humanity before disaster

The glory of humanity before disaster

China's support to for the world after China's epidemic has stabilized

Summary of experiences of China's battle against the epidemic

Facing the future, preparations for any epidemic


• Something learners can read and listen to

• Interesting and in-depth

• Can answer people's questions about the epidemic in China


• Equivalent to the HSK 6 or above


• Learners who want to understand the epidemic in China



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