Elementary Chinese Multi-person Online Chinese Comprehensive Improvement Course

Still worrying about not knowing where to start learning Chinese? Can't improve Chinese because of poor foundation? This course provides you with all the knowledge of Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar and cultural points you need in the initial stage of Chinese learning, lays a solid Chinese foundation, and guides you to systematically understand the language logic of Chinese. It can quickly learn from outsiders in 41 hours. Become a Chinese expert.

Elementary Chinese Multi-person Online Chinese Comprehensive Improvement Course
Course Information


• No proficiency requirements, break through the difficulties in learning business Chinese

• Real online business scenarios and learn to speak naturally

• Taught by experienced and professional Chinese teachers

• The course can be replayed after the live broadcast, which is very convenient for reviewing

• Short in length and ready to use as soon as you've learned them

• Go from a workplace novice to a workplace communication master

You are going to get

√ 8 different ways to greet in a business scenarios

√ 7 business Chinese expressions for introductions and inquiries

√ 11 kinds of business scenarios and its necessary etiquette and language for receptions and banquets

√ 13 expressions of positions, places and objects commonly used at work


• Learners who need to use business Chinese at work

• Businessmen who want to quickly learn Business Chinese in a short time


This online Chinese course has a total of 30 lessons. It is based on the daily life and work of business people who are directly involved in the Chinese economy. It uses dialogue to help learners accumulate business Chinese vocabulary and practical business Chinese sentence structures, allowing any beginners to also follow along. After completing this online Chinese course, learners can reach an intermediate level of Chinese proficiency and can naturally pick up other intermediate Buisiness Chinese learning materials.

Class Requirments

• Basic Pinyin


Have you ever encountered these problems?

• You can't speak Chiense and buying things is difficult

• You don't know what to say when meeting Chinese people

• Your boss and colleagues do not understand you at work

• You can't speak Chinese without a translating App

Why study business Chinese

• Trade with China is becoming more and more important

• Knowing Chinese may even increase your salary

• Knowing Chinese can make your career smoother




Class information

To be started B001班

It is estimated that full 50 people will start classes, and the remaining places:5
Course Schedule Based on your time zone: UTC+8
  • 1 How to greet appropriately
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 2 How to ask for someone's name politely
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 3 Meet colleagues from various countries
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 4 How to welcome guests
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 5 What to say when hosting guests
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 6 Make a simple opening remark before having dinner
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 7 Brief introduction to your business identity
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 8 Honorific words to say at a first meeting
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 9 How to get acquainted with your friends during dinner
    Class Time: To be determined
  • 10 Practical business scenario -- part one(1-9)
    Class Time: To be determined