Elementary Chinese Comprehension Online Classroom

Still worrying about not knowing where to start learning Chinese? Can't improve your Chinese because of a poor foundation? This course provides you with all the knowledge of Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar and culture you need in learning Chinese. This course will lay you a solid Chinese learning foundation, and will guide you to systematically understand the language. Within 41 hours, you can quickly escalate from a beginner into an expert.

Elementary Chinese Comprehension Online Classroom
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The language of the world's second largest economy, add value to your life

Open up sales for your products to enter the Chinese market

Open your mind and see the world from a new perspective

1/5 of the world’s population speak Chinese and its application is endless

Have you encounted these problem?

Lack of learning time

No opportunities to practice

Lack of good Chinese teacher

Lack of learning methods

Low learning efficiency

LingoChinese will introduce you to the Chinese world:

An independent adaptation on classic Chinese textbooks

Professional lessons taught by local Chinese teachers

Live lessons with unlimited playback

Comprehensive Exercises on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing



Complies with the HSK Level 1 examination syllabus and inspection standards

150+ HSK 1 vocabulary words according to the syllabus, 50+HSK 1 syllabus sentence structures, 50+HSK 1 Chinese characters

Lessons taught by professional Chinese teachers

16 hours of Chinese lessons for rapid improvement

Applicable to life practice and examination needs at the same time

Supports unlimited playback




Easy to learn without a foundation

Easy to understand

Taught through scenarios

Attention to practical applications in business work

Supports unlimited playback






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