Adult Beginner’s Basic Chinese Course

Adult Beginner’s Basic Chinese Course
Course Information

Adult Beginner’s Basic Chinese Course: HSK 1

A set of targeted and comprehensive professional-level online courses


The whole learning process loop

  Before class: preview -> During class: learning -> After class: exercises

  Detailed dialogue - Explanations - New words and grammar

Systemic Lessons

  Based on NOCFL certification standards

  Build a method of learning

  And acquire skills to learn Chinese

Beginner to HSK Level 1

  Oriented for beginners

  Start from Pinyin

  Reach a Chinese proficiency equivalent to the HSK Level 1

What will you learn of HSK 1

50+ classic sentence structures/grammar

√ Easily deal with 30+ important communication scenarios

100 + expressions commonly used by Chinese people

√ Achieve a higher level than the HSK 1

√ Learn while you practice,five lessons and one test




• Any learners just starting off in learning Chinese


• A mobile phone, tablet, or PC that can connect to the Internet (To complete pre-class previews, after-class practices and watch lessons online)

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