HSK3 Compulsory Key Grammar Points

This course extracts the 26 most commonly used core grammar points from the HSK Level 3 exam syllabus with explanations. The course will also provide a large number of example sentences and exercises. These example sentences and exercises come from daily life and are equipped with English translations, allowing you to learn the most novel and practical Chinese expressions. This course will help you pass the HSK Level 3 test while also speaking authentic and fluent Chinese.

HSK3 Compulsory Key Grammar Points
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• Using font animation to explain the logic behind Chinese grammar

• Commonly used sentence structures, relatable content scenes

• Compliant with HSK Level 3 examination syllabus

• Vocabulary analysis to overcome the error-prone points of the Chinese learning

You are going to learn

26 HSK3 core grammar syntax

150+ extended new words

√ Discriminate between 7 groups of the most commonly used words: "Zai" VS "You" “huozhe” VS “haishi"

√ Sentences that are correct in grammar but not in expression


• Anyone who needs to take the HSK3 test

• Anyone who have a weak grammar foundation and cannot break through his/her current level

• Those who have a certain foundation in Chinese and wish to consolidate the grammar foundation


        Grammar is one of the foundations of learning all languages. Are you still suffering from various complicated grammatical rules?

        This course extracts the 26 of the most commonly used grammar syntax from the HSK Level 3 test syllabus, exclusively compiles 5 basic modules, and is equipped with a large number of practical real-life examples in Chinese and English to help you pass the HSK Level 3 test, and to learn the latest and most fashionable Chinese words.


• HSK level 2 or equivalent


Have you encountered such difficulties

• The knowledge points of Chinese grammar are too trivial to summarise

• It took a long time to learn a grammar but found it was not useful

• Little time to study, lack of review and consolidation

• Know the meaning of many words, but always write bad sentences

Why learn Chinese grammar

• It’s a language being spoken by 1.5 billion people

• The essential language of the world’s 2nd largest economy

• Grammar is the basis for speaking the correct sentence

• Make subsequent vocabulary learning more effective




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