Business Scenario Conversation-Extreme Edition

Did you learn Chinese for work? Do you want to learn more about a Chinese business conversation? If you don't have time to learn from a teacher and want to learn business Chinese expressions by yourself, these set of courses will be your best choice. In this course, the lecturer will introduce a large number of oral conversations heard in daily life as well as work, this includs office communication, trade exchanges, business negotiations and other scenarios. You can quickly improve your business Chinese expression ability through the teacher's meticulous and systematic explanation, and better adapt to work and life in China.

Business Scenario Conversation-Extreme Edition
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• Professional internal training courses for multinational companies

• One topic for one lesson, fragmented learning is acceptable

• Closely integrate with actual work, used in high frequency

• On-going pronunciation correction, get rid of the accent problems

• Selected practical business dialogues, proficient in both life and business

What you will learn

10 work & business conversation scenarios in Chinese

29 core business sentence structures in Chinese

30+ essential vocabulary words in business etiquette


• Learners who want to master business Chinese in a very short time

• Any businessmen or women who lack the time to study


        This course has selected 10 Chinese work and business conversation scenarios based on the needs of work and daily life communication.

        Through systematic explanations, students will be able to remember the sentences used in each conversation scene without effort. A large number of practical vocabulary words will be added to the course so that students will be able to use them in work and business conversations. By remembering commonly used vocabulary words, understanding the logic behind sentences and practicing conversational exercises, you will become an expert in Chinese at work.

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√ Inquiry and expression of name, title, nationality and position

√ Expression of contact information

√ Expression of current status of work and life

√ Expression of purchasing goods and services

√ Expression of date and time

√ Expression of invitations and appointments



• Equivalent to the HSK 3 or above


Have you ever encountered these problems?

• You’ve never learned Chinese, but you need to speak Chinese for work

• You want to comprehensively develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, but just can’t find a suitable textbook

• You’ve learned a little Chinese, but your grammar and vocabulary are still not up to par

Reason to learn business Chinese

• It’s a language being spoken by 1.5 billion people

• An essential language of the world’s 2nd largest economy

• Trade with China is becoming more and more important

• Knowing Chinese can double your salary

• Knowing Chinese can make your career go smoother




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