China Life Guide

If this is your first time in China, either for a short stay or a long stay, it'll be kind of unsettling. These lesssons will introduce you to some necessary information in Shanghai. These include communication, taxi, shopping, and payment. This course will also explain to you the different phone App functions. Through this course, you learn to be able to stay, live, and work in most Chinese cities including Shanghai.

China Life Guide
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• The subject of this course is: Shanghai’s geography, population composition basics, as well as means of transportation, communication, payment methods and safety issues that you should be aware of in Shanghai. You will need commonly used words and phrases to answer questions based on the above topics. Students that complete this can go shopping, dining, communicate, travel and do other activities in Shanghai.


• Practical, clear and easy to understand

• Ready to use when learned, short learning time


• Learners who come to Shanghai to work, study, live or travel

If you are not sure of your level, you are welcome to make an appointment in order to determine the appropriate course suited for you.



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