Beginner Chinese (3)

Beginner Chinese (3) is an advanced level for beginners, mainly embracing Mandarin Chinese classes, movie watching, phone calling, dating, physical examination and sport. In addition to complicated vocabulary and sentences, learners will also know more grammar, such as conjunction and auxiliary, which will not only make the sentences vigorous but help learners convey clear personal ideas concretely in Mandarin Chinese.

Beginner Chinese (3)
Course Information

You Are Going to Get:

√ 60+Chinese characters

√ 200+ words

√ 20+ complete sentence structures

√ 4 Chinese cultural understanding lessons


• On the basis of Beginner Chinese 1, we will further go in-depth in Chinese dialogue with real life scenarios to help beginners further understand the basics of Chinese. After studying, you will be able to communicate with Chinese people. This course complies with the HSK 1 test requirements


• Taught at a beginner level with detailed and clear explanations

• Combine example sentences with key knowledge points to understand the usage of words from example sentences

• Practice speaking in class and master the basics of Chinese

• In class listening quizes to help you remember everything covered


• Possess a certain Chinese foundation or completed the beginner Chinese 2 course


• Beginner chinese

• Learners with plenty of time

• Learners who want to travel, visit or shop in China

• Learners who need to take the HSK1-2

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