Beginner Chinese (1)

"Beginner Chinese (1)" will introduce commonly used Chinese topics: introduction, travel, accommodation, dining, exploring and making friends. In this course, we will introduce commonly used words and sentences through realistic conversations to help you build confidence and effectively communicate with friends, colleagues and customers using Chinese.

Beginner Chinese (1)
Course Information

What you will learn

√ 60+Chinese characters

√ 200+ words

√ 20+ complete sentence structures

√ 2 lessons on Chinese cultural understanding


This course is suitable for beginners to Chinese. Six Chinese scenarios including self-introduction, greetings, traveling, and phone calls are selected to teach you to speak Chinese from scratch. Learn intonations, Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar and dialogue to help you master basic Chinese communication skills all while learning and practicing. This course goes hand to hand with the HSK 1 requirements.


• Taught at a beginner level with detailed and clear explanations

• Combine example sentences with key knowledge points to understand the usage of words from example sentences

• Practice speaking in class and master the basics of Chinese

• In class listening quizes to help you remember everything covered


• Completed the Pinyin course or have an understanding of Chinese Pinyin


• Beginner chinese

• Learners with plenty of time

• Learners who want to travel, visit or shop in China

• Learners who need to take the HSK1-2

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