HSK Vocabulary Outline Card

You must memorize vocabulary when you take the HSK test, but what if the vocabulary book is too boring? This set of videos is to help you solve the problem of memorizing vocabularies. In the video, teachers will read the syllabus vocabulary in alphabetical order with accurate pronunciation. It is very suitable for students who need to memorize a large quantity of vocabulary for HSK test.

HSK Vocabulary Outline Card
Course Information

You Are Going to Get:

√ 1200 Chinese words, covering core words from the HSK 1-4

√ Word pronunciations and their meanings


• This course is based on the HSK and selects from a total of 1200 words from the HSK 1-4. This course will be divided according to the HSK requirements to help learners surpass their vocabulary barrier in a step by step methodical process.


• Course will follow a slow rhythm and will be easy to follow

• Clearly organized and will correspond to HSK requirements

• Difficult parts will be divided evenly to further accommodate how the human brain memorizes information


• Completed the Pinyin course or have an understanding of Chinese Pinyin


• Learners who need to take HSK 1-4

• Learners with a weak Chinese vocabulary Learners who need a visa to come to China and study abroad

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