HSK 1-4 Classification Vocabulary (Vocabulary ​​FlashCard)

Is memorizing Chinese characters the most difficult part to learning Chinese? In fact, learning a new vocabulary can be quite simple. These set of videos incorporates 31 frequently used vocabulary words in real-life scenarios, which is suitable for students who are new to Chinese and want to master daily vocabulary words in a short period of time.

HSK 1-4 Classification Vocabulary (Vocabulary ​​FlashCard)
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When you will learn

√ 500+ HSK 1-4 vocabulary words

√ Practical expressions in 31 real life scenarios


Do you want to pass the HSK as soon as possible, but don't have the time to memorize? This course contains 34 highly used vocabulary words from real life scenarios. The teacher will read slowly for you as well as notify you of common sentence structures or collocations, so that you can memorize more HSK words efficiently


• Accurate Chinese pronunciations as well as an English translation follow up

• Photographic memory and highly efficient

• Classified scenarios to help make it easy to remember

• test yourself as you learn to further grasp what you've went over


• Completed the Pinyin course or have an understanding of Chinese Pinyin


• Learners who need to take HSK 1-4

• Learners who want to use spare time to memorize words

• Learners with a weak vocabulary foundation

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