Chinese Listening Practice

This is a set of listening practice videos that you can listen to and watch at any time. According to the HSK grading standard, it covers HSK 2-4 and Business Chinese. You can try to challenging yourself by listening before the text appears. Try listening for ten minutes each time, insist yourself on listening several times a day and take a little time every day to slowly but surely improve your listening capability.

Chinese Listening Practice
Course Information

What you will learn

√ 150+ selected Chinese dialogues

√ Listening practice suitable for the HSK 2

√ 500+ commonly used vocabulary words

√ Various sentence structures used in daily life


• This course includes listening exercises suitable for the HSK 2. Each session lasts about ten minutes so can use your free time to help expand your vocabulary, sentence structures, listening capability and easily pass the HSK 2.


• According to HSK standard

• The original text is attached to the audio for convenience

• Short in length, suitable for learners who want to learn in their spare time


• HSK2 or above


• Learners who need to take the HSK 2 or above

• Learners who want to better communicate with Chinese people

• Learners who wish to use their spare time to improve their Chinese listening capability

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