Introduction to Chinese

In First Steps in Chinese, we will introduce you to 5 essential elements in Mandarin Chinese. They are tones, Pinyin, basic grammar, characters and sentence structures in an easy way. Each element will be taught with practices and related dialogues through videos. Through this course, beginners can realize the overview of Mandarin Chinese and gain practical knowledge, constructing the fundamentals in learning Mandarin Chinese.

Introduction to Chinese
Course Information

You Are Going to Get:

√ The 4 Chinese tones

√ Breakthrough the difficulties of Chinese Pinyin

√ Basic Chinese Grammar

√ Detailed explanation of Chinese characters, evolution, history and formation rules

√ Super easy to use Chinese sentence structures


• Are you interested in Chinese? Do you think that Chinese characters are intriguing? This course will take you through the five-step learning method: tone, pinyin, grammar, characters and sentence structure. Experience the differences between English and Chinese, and enter charming world of Chinese.


• Basic knowledge, covering a wide range of materials</br

• Improve your Chinese tone, pinyin, grammar, characters, sentence structure

• Easy to understand scenarios</br

• Comparison between Chinese and English, to help beginners develop good learning habits


• Start from scratch


• Learners who want to understand Chinese and Chinese culture

• Those who want to learn Chinese in a short amount of time

• For beginner learners

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